Taste the difference - enjoy our flavoursome, natural grass-fed beef.

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Scottish Highland Beef has been named one of the finest meats available by many leading chefs including Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, English celebrity chef, food writer and environmental campaigners. Our produce is free-range, nutrient dense and flavoursome - and we encourage you to taste the difference.

Our hampers provide a selection delicious meat cuts that we know you and your family will enjoy. In your hamper you'll receive a variety of forequarter and hindquarter cuts from one animal. In your hamper you will receive several higher collagen cuts, some like osso bucco with wonderful, healthy bones included.

These higher collagen cuts produce beautiful dishes when cooked the right way (see the recipe suggestions on our blog), producing flavourful, velvety, healthy meals. These dishes are also far richer in collagen which is high in nutrients and amino acids and aids a healthy diet. 

All meat comes is supplied date-coded and is cryo-vacc packaged (except for the sausages and beef ribs which are in trays). The cryo-vaccing removes the oxygen from the packaging and ensures that the meat lasts up to 2 years in the freezer or 2-3 weeks in the fridge once defrosted. 

Our highland heritage meat is currently $25.00/kg and the total weight range of the meat in the Quarter Hamper falls between 35-45kg. Delivery for most of our hampers is free! But it does depend on where you live and what you order.


Quarter Hamper

Our hampers provide fresh, restaurant grade, quality Highland beef meat cuts.
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Eye Fillet 2-4 steaks
Scotch Fillet 2-4 steaks
Porterhouse 4-6 steaks
T-Bone 2-4 steaks
Rump 4-6 steaks
Round Steak 4-6 steaks
Oyster Blade 6-8 steaks
Schnitzel 6-8 steaks
Casserole Steak 6-8 steaks
Osso Bucco 4-6 pieces
Topside Roast(~1.5kg) x 1-2
Bolar Roast (~1.5kg) x 1
Rolled Roast (~1.0kg) x 1
Brisket Roast (~1.5kg) x 1
Silverside (~1.5kg) x 2
Girello Silverside x 1
Beef Ribs x 2 trays
Sausages (thick in natural skins)
20-30 sausages in packs of 6,
usually three different flavours
Mince (1.0kg packs) 6-10 single minced, lean